Choosing the right spreader is important for durability, dependability, capability, and compatibility. Major features to consider include:

Poly Hopper Construction

poly hopper construction

  • Does not rust or corrode.
  • Will not pit, scratch or scale.
  • Non-stick characteristics; encourages material flow.
  • Less than half the weight of comparable steel-built units; less wear and tear to your truck…and your back!

Auger-Fed Spreaders

Auger-fed spreader

  • More consistent flow of material.
  • Reduces clumping, which can clog the discharge chute.


Auger/Spinner Control

  • With spinner control alone, the only way to change distribution volume is by adjusting truck speed.
  • Units with both auger and spinner control allow for more control.
  • Auger adjustment controls material flow/volume.
  • Spinner control adjusts distribution pattern.

Material Capabilities

  • Bear in mind that not all spreaders are capable of spreading sand.
  • If you intend to spread sand, look for a spreader with at least the ability to spread a 50/50 mix of ice melter and sand.
  • Spreaders are available that can spread 100% sand or 100% salt.


2-year warranty

  • Consider the warranty. This will give you some insight as to how well the manufacturer expects its equipment to perform.
  • Spreader maintenance should not be labor intensive. Look at how the spreader is engineered and designed. Simplicity of design and corrosion- resistant construction will allow the spreader to perform in more harsh environments…and for longer durations.