Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner, professional snowplower or municipality, Fisher has a snowplow to fit your needs. Fisher offers snow plows that are built to withstand the demands of any commercial application as well as personal snow plows for smaller lighter four-wheel-drive vehicles. Whatever your snow removal needs, Earthborne can help you match the correct plow to fit your vehicles specifications. Click below to view the Fisher Plows we have in stock! BROWSE EARTHBORNE’S FISHER INVENTORY NOW. 

Click on the videos and links below to learn more about some of the key features of Fisher Plows and read about Fisher’s 2 Season Warranty.

Fisher’s Trip-Edge Design 
 Only the edge of the blade trips when an obstacle is encountered. It’s much less jarring than a full-trip blade, and because the blade stays upright, plowed snow remains in front of the blade. Fisher Engineering’s trip edge uses compression-type springs. They never need adjusting and are never stretched like extension springs, providing the longest life of any type of spring on the market 


Fisher’s 2 Season Warranty



STORM GUARD Baked-On Powder Coat

The industry’s best protection against wear and rust. With the STORM GUARD powder coating process, the automated climate-controlled powder booth ensures uniform coverage to all surfaces. Fisher has added a new epoxy primer to further enhance powder coat adhesion and improve corrosion resistance. AND the Fisher trademark yellow finish has been reformulated to keep that new snow plow look for even longer.